Agave neomexicana

New Mexico Agave – Agave neomexicana


Size: 2-3 in. diameter
Native region: Southeastern New Mexico

Agave neomexicana, or New Mexico Agave, is a medium size plant with grey/green foliage and pronounced black spines along the edges of each leaf.  It is very cold hardy, drought tolerant, and can withstand hot temperatures. In addition, it requires little to no fertilizer making it a great low maintenance plant. New Mexico Agave produces young plants called suckers throughout it’s life. Mature plants will flower once before dying.

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Growing requirements

Light: Full sun
Mature size: 2 ft. diameter
Soil: Well-draining cactus mix
Fertilizer: Rarely needed
Water: Allow soil to dry between waterings
Temperature: 0-100°F, cold hardy for short periods
Overwintering: Bring indoors if expecting long periods of freezing temperatures

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  • All plants are shipped bare root to reduce the risk of spreading harmful pests that can live in soil.
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