Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit – Hylocereus undatus (Upcoming)


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Size: 3-6 in. rooted cutting
Native region: Central America

Dragon fruit or Pitaya is among the most prized of cactus fruits, the fruit is red with green spikes and has white or red flesh that tastes similar to kiwi. The huge, white, multi-layered blooms of this species show at night, lending to another of the species’ nicknames, Night-Blooming Cereus. Individual blooms can be over a foot in diameter. They like tropical climates and can tolerate over-watering. Dragon fruit grows in areas throughout the world, including Asia, South America and Hawaii.

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Growing requirements

Light: Full sun
Mature size: Indefinite vining
Soil: Standard potting mix
Fertilizer: Lightly fertilize every other month with palm special fertilizer totaling 1/8 lb. Increase to 1/4 lb. after the first year of green growth. Top dress soil once per year with 1-2 in. of compost (keep away from base). Increase fertilizer and compost amounts as plant gets bigger.
Water: Keep soil moist at all times
Temperature: 65-77°F, not exceeding 100°F
Overwintering: Keep indoors during cold months with at least 4 hrs. of sunlight and less water

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