Heliamphora heterodoxa x nutans

Heliamphora heterodoxa x nutans (Upcoming)

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Size: 1-3 in.
Native regions: Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil

Heliamphora, or Sun Pitchers, prefer a wide range of temperatures depending on whether they are highland or lowland species. They prefer a well draining growing media that is low in nutrients. The carnivorous pitchers produce downward pointing hairs that force prey farther into the traps.

 Growing requirements

Light: Full sun
Growing media: Long-fiber sphagnum moss
Feeding: Feed bugs, dried bloodworms, or fish food every 2-3 weeks, fertilizer such as Osmocote may be added to pitchers sparingly
Humidity: 50-90%
Water: Keep wet at all times, use rain or distilled water, only use tap water if it is low in salts and minerals (PPM of 50-140, the lower the number the better)
Temperature: 65-85°F
Dormancy period: None

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