Organic Pesticide – 100% Pure Neem Oil

/Organic Pesticide – 100% Pure Neem Oil
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Organic Pesticide – 100% Pure Neem Oil

Neem oil works well as a pesticide against a variety of plant pests including fungus gnats, aphids, grasshoppers, and spider mites. Once diluted, it can be used topically on leaves but is most effective as a systemic soil drench, meaning if a plant is watered with diluted neem, the roots will absorb the oil and distribute it throughout the plant. Insects that ingest parts of a plant treated with neem have drastically reduced life spans which helps prevent breeding.

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  • Cold pressed
  • Amounts available for purchase range from 2 oz – 1 gal
  • Neem oil loses its potency over time, keep unused oil refrigerated to extend shelf life.