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Drosera adelae


Drosera adelae, also known as the Lance-Leaf Sundew, is generally an easy sundew to grow for beginners but can be finicky if proper conditions aren’t met. It reproduces quickly via plantlets that sprout from roots exposed to light. Leaves often turn red if given high intensity light. The leaves are covered with tentacles (trichomes) that secrete a sticky “dew” to attract and catch prey. Leaf movement is usually minimal but tentacles tend to curl around prey in about 30 minutes.

Native region: Northeastern Queensland, Australia


Size and packing method: You will receive a bare root plant 1 – 1.5 inches in diameter, carefully wrapped in a damp paper towel. If selecting with soil mix, you will receive two cups of our prepackaged Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix in addition to the bare root plant. This quantity of soil is roughly enough to fill one 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inch square pot.

Growing requirements

Mature size: 3-4 inches in diameter
Light: Full sun or partial shade
Soil: Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix, Pure peat or peat-sand mix
Feeding: Feed bugs, dried bloodworms, or fish food every 2-3 weeks, only use fertilizer if you have plenty of experience growing carnivorous plants
Humidity: 80-90%
Water: Keep wet at all times, provide water that is low in salts and minerals such as rain or distilled water
Temperature: 60-90°F, provide more humidity if temperatures are hotter
Dormancy period: None

Planting and adjustment instructions will be included with your shipment.

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