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Drosera cistiflora


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Drosera cistiflora is a winter growing sundew. It produces enormous flowers 2-3 inches across, some of the largest in the genus. The large flowers help it attract pollinators in the wildflower meadows of South Africa. D. cistiflora is adapted to grow during the cool, wet winter months before dying back to its fleshy roots when the hot, dry summer arrives.

Flower color: This stock was grown from seed harvested from a plant with red flowers. The offspring will most likely have red flowers as well but there is the possibility of color variation due to genetic diversity.

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Size and packing method: Plants come potted in 2 inch pots. Each pot contains 1 or more plants about 1 inch in diameter. Upon arrival or shortly after shipping recovery, it would be wise to repot the plants into larger containers to give the roots more vertical room to grow.

Growing requirements

Mature size: 2-3 inch flat rosettes, with 8-12 inch vertical growth later on
Light: Full sun
Soil: Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix, or peat-sand mix
Feeding: Feed bugs, dried bloodworms or fish food every 2-3 weeks, only use fertilizer if you have plenty of experience growing carnivorous plants
Humidity: 50-80%
Water: Keep soil wet during the active growing season and dryer during summer dormancy, provide water that is low in salts and minerals such as rain or distilled water
Temperature: 45-85°F with cooler temperatures preferred during active growth
Dormancy: Foliage will die back during the hot summer and return from the root stock once temperatures and light levels begin to decrease

Planting and adjustment instructions will be included with your shipment.

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