Kurtis & Elizabeth – Owners of Curious Plant

Hi! We’re Kurtis and Elizabeth. We really like carnivorous plants and started collecting them as a hobby in 2012. We realized certain species can be hard to find in the U.S. though; a tragic reality most collectors face at some point. So, we decided to help solve the problem and started Curious Plant – a fully licensed nursery in Loveland, Ohio focused on the propagation of carnivorous plants.

We grow our stock using a variety of traditional propagation methods like cuttings and seeds, but prefer sterile culture (a.k.a micropropagation) for the more rare species. It allows healthy plant growth at a faster rate than is otherwise possible. Plus, it’s fun being all scientific.

If you’re reading this, we’re glad you’re here! It probably means you like carnivorous plants too and whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or just getting started, we hope you enjoy the growing collection of carnivorous plants and resources available on our site.

Happy growing!