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Welcome to Curious Plant!

We cultivate a variety of carnivorous plants including butterworts, sundews, venus flytraps, and pitcher plants which are available for sale through our website. Our private nursery is located in Loveland, Ohio but we ship plants all over the United States. Healthy plants and happy customers are our top priorities along with species conservation. Check out our latest inventory and add some killer plants to your collection. The website is updated regularly with new species and varieties so be sure to check back often.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful plants. They actually exceeded my expectations. Your website helped me out and is very informative.”
– Jim C.

“Everything arrived in superb condition, I couldn’t be more pleased! The P. ‘Florian’ looks just like the one pictured on the website!”
– Marquesa P.

“I’m so appreciative of people like you that give us the opportunity to be able to purchase such rare plants that we would other wise only see on TV.” – Dawn M.