Osmocote Fertilizer Pellets – 1 Tbsp

/Osmocote Fertilizer Pellets – 1 Tbsp

Osmocote Fertilizer Pellets – 1 Tbsp


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Osmocote fertilizer pellets are a great option when it comes to feeding many types of carnivorous pitcher plants. A pellet or two in each pitcher of a Nepenthes can not only speed up overall growth of the plant, but also increase the size of individual pitchers and improve peristome development. The pellets are designed to slowly release nutrients when exposed to moisture so pitchers naturally filled with fluid like Nepenthes, Cephalotus, and Sarracenia purpurea work best.

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To feed pitcher plants,  place one or two pellets in new pitchers as they open. Larger pitchers can be fed up to three pellets.

NPK: 14-14-14


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