Deluxe Mexican Butterwort Potting Mix

/Deluxe Mexican Butterwort Potting Mix

Deluxe Mexican Butterwort Potting Mix


Mexican Butterworts tend to prefer porous substrates that are low in nutrients and provide excellent drainage while maintaining a neutral to slightly alkaline pH. Buying the ingredients to make your own mix can be expensive though, especially if you only need a small amount. Our Deluxe Potting Mix makes for an excellent substrate for Mexican Butterworts with the addition of crushed coral (calcium) to raise the pH slightly. Fill a whole pot with it or use it as a topdressing for the extra calcium and added visual appeal. Quantities are measured and shipped dry.


Potting mix ingredients:

  • Crushed Coral
  • Perlite
  • #20 Silica Sand

Potting mix is free from fertilizer additives. Wet the mix with distilled water before using to cut down on Perlite dust which is harmful to breathe.

*Plant not included*