As you probably already know, carnivorous plants require some attention if you’re to grow them successfully. But why wouldn’t you want to pay attention to them? They’re amazing plants! While there are quite a few supplies that can make carnivorous plant care easier, we came up with a list of our favorites.



#5 – Square Pots

Square Pots

Square pots utilize space more efficiently compared to round pots which can be important for larger collections.

Round Pots - Wasted Space

Red areas = wasted space

Square Pots - No Wasted Space

Almost no wasted space

From the pictures you can see how much valuable real estate is lost in the gaps between round pots. Square pots fill in these gaps, which not only creates a larger planting area, but also gives plant roots more room to spread out.



#4 – Standard 1020 Nursery Flats

Seed Tray