10 Jun

Initial Planting Instrucions

Aloe vera

If you have recently purchased a bare root plant from us, please follow these step by step instructions on how to pot it and help your plant adjust to its new environment. If you need more information after reviewing the steps, please contact us or post a question in the comments below, thank you!

Step 1
Select a pot or container appropriately sized to the plant and cover all roots with the required soil or potting media listed on the enclosed care requirements for your particular plant.

Watch How To Pot Bare Root Carnivorous Plants an in depth tutorial.

Step 2
Keep your plant out of direct sunlight and the soil or media soaked for 1 week. This helps your  plant recover from any shipping stress and grow more roots.

EXCEPTION: Many Butterworts are sensitive to overwatering. To help them recover from any stress, keep them out of direct sunlight and the media only slightly damp for 1 week.

Step 3
After 1 week, begin adjusting your plant to care sheet conditions at increasing increments.

Example: Day 1 – 1 hour of full sun, Day 2 – 2 hours of full sun, and so on. By slowly adjusting conditions, you will greatly reduce the risk of transplant shock.  

Happy planting! 

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