Dionaea muscipula ‘Wacky Traps’

/Dionaea muscipula ‘Wacky Traps’

Dionaea muscipula ‘Wacky Traps’


Dionaea muscipula ‘Wacky Traps’ is an appropriate name for this bizarre Venus flytrap cultivar. Because the tissue never fully develops, the traps take on a strange jagged appearance and the teeth are almost nonexistent. Needless to say, traps aren’t very effective at catching prey so supplemental foliar feeding with Maxsea is beneficial.

Size and packing method: You will receive a plant 1 – 1.5 inches in diameter. Bare root plants will be carefully wrapped in a damp paper towel. Potted specimens are planted in 2 inch pots and will be packed securely to prevent dislodgement during shipping.


 Growing requirements

Mature size: Plants reach 2-3 inches across
Light: Full sun
Soil: Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix, pure peat, or peat-sand mix
Feeding: Feed bugs, dried bloodworms, or fish food every 2-3 weeks, in addition foliar feeding with Maxsea may be beneficial since traps do not close well
Humidity: 50-80%
Water: Keep wet at all times, provide water that is low in salts and minerals such as rain or distilled water
Temperature: 65-82°F during warm months, 32-55°F during cool months
Dormancy period: Reduce temperatures to 32-55°F, shorten light periods to 10 hours, and provide less water (but don’t allow to dry out). Keep the plant in dormancy conditions for 3-5 months.

Planting and adjustment instructions will be included with your shipment.

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