Heliamphora nutans

Heliamphora nutans


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Heliamphora nutans is native to the Tepuis of South America and was the first species of Heliamphora to be discovered in 1838. It prefers cool daytime temperatures and a well-draining growing media that is low in nutrients. The carnivorous pitchers produce downward pointing hairs that force prey farther into the traps. See size descriptions below.


Size and packing method: Medium plants have 1-2 mature pitchers about 3 inches tall and large plants have 1-2 mature pitchers about 4-5 inches tall. Plants ship potted in sphagnum moss. If selecting a bare root plant plus soil mix, you will receive two cups of our prepackaged Carnivorous Plant Soil Mix in addition to the bare root plant. This quantity of soil is roughly enough to fill one 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inch square pot.

Growing requirements

Light: Full sun
Growing media: Long-fiber sphagnum moss or peat, perlite and sand
Feeding: Feed bugs, dried bloodworms, or fish food every 2-3 weeks, fertilizer such as Osmocote may be added to pitchers sparingly
Humidity: 50-90%
Water: Keep wet at all times, provide water that is low in salts and minerals such as rain or distilled water
Temperature: 65-80°F during the day, 10°F drop at night preferred but not necessary
Dormancy: None

Planting and adjustment instructions will be included with your shipment.

24 reviews for Heliamphora nutans

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible specimen, packaged very well, and has adapted well & easily to my setup w/ moderate humidity. I ordered the large Nutans and I was blown away with the size of it. Here’s hoping Curious Plant is able to start listing more Heliamphora in the future; they certainly know how to take care of them!

    Image #1 from Sam
  2. Jeffrey Foti (verified owner)

    This was also an excellent specimen! Very large and healthy. Considering how very brittle Heliamphora is, they did a great job with the shipping. I hope if acclimates well and starts to flourish.

  3. Justyn V. (verified owner)

    Plant looks amazing and healthy!!

  4. Corey L. (verified owner)

    Image #1 from Corey L.
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